by Larry Baird

For the kid in all of us:

Come on in, and welcome home.


REVIEWS from amazon customers:

" A fun ride and a beautiful story of friendship.  My imagination soared in this book and I could really picture the events..."


"I couldn't put this book down, I was disappointed when it ended! I really loved reading Bivvy it was a great read about friendship and the use of imagination..."

 "This is such an unusual and unique story! It challenges your beliefs of what i
s 'normal' in life and friendship, and takes you on a wonderful ride of fantasy and pure pleasure of character depths.  You'll get caught up in the story and will be driven to know what the culmination of the events will be.  Read!  Enjoy!"


" It is fantastic...I thought it is perfect for all ages..."



About Bivvy:

What if one day you pass by a cabinet containing 
forgotten objects from your childhood when suddenly, 
strange lights and sounds come from inside? 

What if someone, a complete stranger, climbs out of 
that cabinet smiles and simply says, "Hello, I am Bivvy"?

That's what happens to Rayn Archolas; an unassuming artistic man, 
quite happy in his solitude, whose life is drastically changed by 
the uninvited appearance of Bivvy. 

Bivvy is a very colourful character, with whom everyone 
seems to fall in love. His simple ways of speaking and looking 
at the world make him endearing to all. 

All, that is, except Leopold.

Leopold knows Bivvy's true identity and the power he holds, 
and will stop at nothing to get that power for himself.

Follow Rayn from his boyhood discoveries in 'The Giant's Castle' 
to the appearance of Bivvy in his cabinet; their journey with 
'The Archolas Shows', the biggest and brightest circus in the land; 
their battles with Leopold; and the final battle in the colourful, 
very colourful small town of Cornix, on the Canadian prairie.



A story of friendship, family, mystery, colour and faith. 
It is about the joy of finding one's home in this world, and beyond. 
Oh...and there are crows and cabbages. 

As for the one named Bivvy: Is he an angel, a demon, a genie, or just a strange man? 

Or is he something else entirely?



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